US “stole” from the French a batch of Chinese masks

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — No, it was not a joke. By the way, Libration did not publish any comic materials on April 1. Be that as it may, some readers had this question after reading an article published that day on our website . It said that a large batch of masks, which the French region ordered from a Chinese supplier, was overbought for a great price by American customers right before being sent to Europe.

“Masks have become rare, and Americans buy them wherever they find them,” the leadership of the affected region confirmed to us. “They pay twice as much in cash, without even inspecting the goods.”

In addition to the date, another point attracted the attention of readers. The head of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and the Association of Regions of France, Renaud Muselier, was the first to report the incident on Tuesday evening, but on Wednesday denied that he was the victim of such an incident. In particular, he called on Twitter false information from the Provence newspaper about the redemption of 4 million masks destined for his region. Masks “were not bought by a foreign power on the way,” he added.

In his first statement, he (he refused contacts with Libration) did not really say that he was directly affected by the actions of the Americans. He hinted at some “French order”. “Libration” was able to confirm this fact with the authorities of another region, who asked not to name them.
“Americans get money”

This was subsequently confirmed by other activists. “One head of the region told us that his order of masks was bought up right at the airport by the Americans, who paid three times as much in cash,” Renault Muselier himself told France Press. “Nevertheless, I will not voice the name of the region and the number of masks.”

The head of the Grand Est region, Jean Rottner, said the same thing on Wednesday night on RTL: “I have a small group in the region that is actively working with customers to conquer these markets. The Americans really get money right at the site and pay three to four times more for our orders. Therefore, we have to fight. ” According to him, he was very pleased when a batch of masks was delivered by plane to his region on Tuesday evening.

Not only the French regions become victims of such actions, which in some cases are justified by national requisition measures. In March, Italy expressed indignation that the Czech Republic had arrested 700,000 masks from China. In Prague, they referred to the mistake of customs officers, but this conflict between the two EU member states caused a real scandal.

In Quebec, an entrepreneur’s order was redirected to the US state of Ohio without explanation, according to the Journal de Montreal . According to Express , in France the government seized half of the masks ordered by the Swedish company Mölnlycke. Much to the dissatisfaction of Stockholm and the company that transported goods through French territory before being sent to Italy and Spain.


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