US has united supercomputers against coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The United States , through a public-private partnership, has combined the power of supercomputers to develop a vaccine against coronavirus, the Department of Energy said in a press release.

“The launch of a consortium of high-performance computers against COVID-19 will provide coronavirus researchers with access to the world’s most powerful computing resources that can significantly accelerate the pace of scientific discoveries in the fight against coronavirus,” the ministry said.

In addition to the Ministry of Energy and the White House, IBM was among the founders of the consortium.

“The consortium currently unites 16 systems that together offer supercomputing potential at levels above 330 petaflops,” the ministry said. Flops – a measure of computer performance, 1 petaflops is 10 to the 15th degree of floating point operations per second.

The Ministry of Energy promises additional resources that will subsequently be connected to a pool of computers.

The calculations that the consortium can make are necessary in bioinformatics, epidemiology, and molecular modeling.

In some cases, such computing power can help to get an answer to a scientific question not in weeks or months, as usual, but in a matter of hours.

The performance of 330 petaflops is very high, but not a record. So, earlier, the US Department of Energy researchers on their computer showed a calculation speed of 1.88 exaops. Exaops is 10 to the 18th degree of floating point operations per second.

At a press conference in the White House, US President Donald Trump thanked Google , Microsoft and Amazon, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NASA for participating in the consortium .


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