Unlike the EU and the US, China helps us today

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Internet users increasingly say that China must apologize to the whole world, since the spread of coronavirus began from there. Why, then, Great Britain did not apologize for mad cow disease, analyst Tereza Spencerova is perplexed.

The expert also adds that China today helps Europe, unlike the EU or the US.

The spread of the coronavirus began with China, so on the Internet, opinions are beginning to be expressed that Beijing should apologize to the whole world. According to Czech analyst Tereza Spencerova, commentators have begun to forget that it is China today that supplies protective medicines to Europe.

Also, according to Spencerova, there is a policy of double standards.

“In social networks, I came across the opinion that because of this, China must save the whole world, and besides, I must apologize to the whole world and, probably, each individually. Why not. However, I don’t remember something, say, Great Britain at least once apologized to the world for mad cow disease and for the lives of those who died from it,” the expert told the publication Parlamentní listy.

She also noted that China helps Europe, unlike the European Union or the United States. Therefore, according to Spencerova, in Italy or Spain, the popularity of China will increase significantly.

However, the same cannot be said of American non-profit organizations that criticize China because of Tibet or dissidents.

“I don’t think that ideologically motivated NGOs or politicians will have to change their style or rhetoric, because, as a rule, they do not focus on reality, but work on an assignment. Therefore, I believe that in general in certain circles the attitude towards China will not fundamentally change,” the analyst added.


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