Time travel tickets are sold in the UK

(ORDO NEWS) — Many scientists are attracted by time travel. Recently, experts from the University of Queensland proved that it is possible to move into the past without consequences for the future. The Klook company has decided now to prepare for possible travel.

There are many open questions about time travel to this day. However, scientists, despite the obvious limitations of the venture, agreed that it is still possible to be in the past, and no problems will arise. Previously, experts were guessing at the “grandfather paradox”. What happens if you kill your grandfather in the past? It is logical to imagine that then it will not be possible to return to the future, because the traveler simply will not be born.

Scientists have concluded that it will not be possible to radically change anything, since the Universe simply will not allow this to be done: grandfather may not be at home, etc. It turns out that travel is quite safe.

Travel and technology company Klook decided it could handle potential time travel, so it sold its first hundred tickets for £ 1. Customers just have to wait for the machine to work.

Simon Llanos, head of marketing for the EU and the US, said that the movement of people in the past could start at any time. The organization is proud to be a global leader in the travel industry. Klook is open to cooperation with any technology company. Many people want to escape from 2020, in Klook they want to make this dream come true.

Employees of the company conducted their own research and found that 46% of UK residents want to escape from the epidemic. For this, 12% are ready to give up their intimate life for a year, every twentieth – from the salary, and 4% – from the family.

1/5 of all those who wish said that in the past they would like to change their career advancement, 1/10 would change their friends and their environment in general, and 8% would not marry. Also, many residents would like to travel, so they would start learning a foreign language.

We can say that professional marketers work at Klook, because not every company can attract the attention of people from all over the world. How the PR campaign will end will become known very soon.


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