There are stone colonies on our planet that have all the signs of living beings

(ORDO NEWS) — Among the unexplained natural phenomena that abound on our planet, there is also such as living stones. This is not an allegory: they do show signs of living things. This means that they grow, move, multiply. Some scientists say that they not only live, but also have intelligence. One of the attempts to explain these facts was even the theory of a silicon form of life.

Unusual abilities of stones

Trowants are huge round-shaped boulders. Even at first glance, you can see how noticeably they differ from ordinary stones. By their appearance, they resemble mushrooms growing on trees. Many of them show spherical growths – these are new generations, newly created by them. Trovantes are mainly common in Romania, but they are also found in other countries, including Russia.

With the arrival of the rainy period, the stones begin to increase in size – grow. Locals claim that over time, a small pebble grows into a giant, which can weigh more than one hundred kilograms. Not only that, adult trovants “are born” children – appendages, which, assuming large sizes, fall off and continue their own life.

There are stone colonies on our planet that have all the signs of living beings 2

Scientists studying this phenomenon have recorded another sign of vital activity. With the help of slow motion, it was noticed that the stones move, but not over long distances, but only by millimeters. Nevertheless, the fact remains.

What is the secret of the trowans

They did not find anything strange in the composition of the trowers: they are formed from ordinary sandstone (from which concrete is made), the layers of which are tightly soldered, with the inclusion of mineral salts. Scientists were struck by the fact that in the cut, the stones have rings, like trees, as well as a core. Young individuals that have broken away from their mothers are similar to them in internal appearance. Geologists tried to explain the phenomenon of growth by the properties of salts, which, getting wet from rain, swell and increase in volume. However, the expansion of salts within the sand still cannot lead to the creation of a huge boulder from a small stone. And the appearance of new shoots cannot be explained by this theory.

There are stone colonies on our planet that have all the signs of living beings 3

Trovants periodically emerge from the ground, gradually gaining volume. They tried to explain their occurrence, like motor abilities, by the activity of the soil, which comes into motion due to tremors. However, this only happens with trovants and not with other boulders. French scientists, using sensitive equipment, discovered that these strange stones are also breathing. Breathing in and out takes quite a long time: several days or even weeks. Similar stones were found on the territory of Kazakhstan, as well as in the Oryol region. There are legends that they have tremendous energy. There are also stone seas on our planet.

There are stone colonies on our planet that have all the signs of living beings 4

All these inexplicable facts make one think about the existence of another form of life on our planet. Perhaps these are the remains of the silicon civilization, which, according to scientists, once existed in the world.


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