Diving into an under-ice abyss off the coast of Antarctica

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(ORDO NEWS) — Deep waters hidden by the ice of Antarctica have hardly been explored by humans. The technique for diving in an extreme environment and as much as 1000 meters below the ice level appeared relatively recently, and therefore the video report of the English scientist can be considered a unique guide to the ocean depths of the Ice Continent.

Diving into an under ice abyss off the coast of Antarctica 2

The very first dive brought a lot of surprises to the group of Professor John Copley. At a great depth, an almost lost world was discovered, the inhabitants of which huddle at great depths next to hot springs.

In order to survive in such conditions, underwater creatures go to incredible things. For example, the Copley expedition met here crabs growing colonies of bacteria on the chest and legs – they feed on them, crabs cannot find other food on the ocean floor.

Exploration of the ocean floor of Antarctica has just begun, but has already yielded interesting results. Scientists hope that information about life under the ice will help in understanding the problem of global warming.


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