The world will face difficult trials again in the next six months

(ORDO NEWS) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to Parliament with the aim of informing how the second phase of quarantine will proceed. The British are facing serious restrictions again, which may last 6 months.

It is worth noting that the center of the fight against the pandemic is located in London, so other countries are adopting the experience of the UK and adapting its measures for themselves. This means that soon restrictions may be introduced in other states.

First, the authorities decided to ban any sports days and competitions, except for chess. Events can have a maximum of 15 people. Interestingly, at weddings, the number of guests from the bride and groom is always equal, so that there is no gender inequality. It is not clear how the newlyweds will adjust their wedding to the new restriction.

Secondly, fines are introduced for walking without masks (200 pounds). An exception is during a meal. Places are allowed to work until 22:00. Why activities are prohibited at night is not clear, because the activity of the virus at different times of the day is the same.

Thirdly, the military will be in the cities to keep order. The police will not be able to cope with the increased workload. Fourth, companies were encouraged to move their employees to remote work.

The measures will be supported no matter how active the coronavirus is. The authorities believe that they will have to live in the new (old) conditions for at least another six months. There is not even an approximate date for the end of quarantine.

In the near future, we all expect a tightening of quarantine in other countries. Everyone will return to where they started. In Scotland, for example, it has already been forbidden to visit each other. In a week or two it will be known which states will follow the example of Britain.


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