Chicken laid an egg that looks like dinosaur eggs

(ORDO NEWS) — A farmer named Gao from Jiangsu Province, China went to collect eggs one day. What was the surprise of the woman when one of the eggs had a peculiar color. At first, the Chinese woman was even afraid to touch the egg.

Gao is not a professional farmer; she keeps seven laying hens and one rooster in the backyard of her house. Previously, there were no such incidents: the eggs always had a normal color. The unique egg looked like a melon, it had a “camouflage” coloring, like the ancient dinosaurs. This proves once again that chickens do have a lot in common with dinosaurs.

The appearance of one egg scared the woman. There were no peculiarities to the touch and in size. The farmer has no plans yet to break the egg to find out what color it has yolk and white. The woman willingly demonstrates only the appearance of the laid egg to journalists and her neighbors.

According to veterinarian Zhang Wenyaen, external factors may have influenced the change in the egg. Perhaps the oddity is related to the diet of chickens. Gao immediately noted that this option is out of the question. All chickens eat the same food throughout their life, consisting of corn, vegetables and herbs.

The mystery of the strange egg was never solved by scientists. Maybe the situation will clear up over time. The theory of evolution says that chickens are the closest relatives of flying dinosaurs that lived 66 million years ago. The similarities lie in the genome: the number of chromosomal changes was minimal. Maybe the case in China is proof of the scientists’ theory. It’s only strange why common genes manifested themselves so suddenly and only in one chicken from a brood.


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