Nessie left Loch Ness: a prehistoric monster spotted off the coast of Scotland

(ORDO NEWS) — The camera lens off the Scottish coast caught a creature with a curved neck, like which was previously seen in Loch Ness. The eyewitness is sure that he photographed the very Loch Ness monster. Probably, the creature decided to leave its usual habitat.

A 56-year-old Scotsman named Andrew Brunton, strolling along the North Sea near Cape Chanonri in Fortrose, noticed something strange in the water that did not resemble the usual inhabitants of the sea. The man had the impression that a prehistoric creature was moving in the water. Initially, the Scotsman had the intention of photographing dolphins. He took some pictures and went home. It was only while looking at the photos that Andrew noticed something strange.

According to the Scotsman, the object looked like a large curved pipe, leaving a long trail behind it. The animal was definitely not a dolphin, whale, otter or fish.

If we analyze the size of the bather’s head and the distance from it to the underwater monster, we can conclude that the size of the head of the Loch Ness monster is about a meter.

The presence of a water footprint indicates that the object was moving. No netizen has been able to explain the possible nature of creation. Everyone agreed that there could be a sea monster in the water or Nessie herself. In theory, Nessie could have left Loch Ness as it connects to the river on which the city of Inverness stands. Inverness, on the other hand, is just six miles from Fortrose.

Even the British media covered the news. No scientist has yet come up with a theory of an interesting observation.


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