The world map will change completely climatologists made a terrible forecast

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Climatologists have made a terrible forecast that will affect hundreds of millions of people. So, some inhabitants of the Earth will remain without housing, since it will be flooded.

The onset of negative processes can be observed in a few decades, scientists said. In Antarctica and Greenland, by 2030, trillions of tons of ice can disappear. Such a reduction in ice mass will raise the level of the oceans by five meters. Accordingly, the coastline of many countries will shift.

Significant changes can be expected by 2100, experts say. At the turn of the century, most likely, you will have to completely rewrite the world map. A more rosy scenario is that sea level will rise by 1.3 meters if the global average temperature rises by 3.5 ° C.

Experts estimate that today 770 million people live near large water. Some already today need to think about moving, since the flooding of their homes is inevitable.

If the world manages to implement the provisions of the Paris Agreement so that the increase in global temperature does not exceed 2 ° C, then the oceans will still “capture” some territories. By 2300, water levels will rise by two meters.

According to Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for the Study of Climate Change, previous assessments by scientists have been too encouraging. The reality is more severe.

Additional centimeters of water make deadly storms caused by tropical cyclones at times. Most water today comes from Greenland and West Antarctica. Ice melting in these areas is 6 times higher than in 1990.


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