British intelligence reveals Nazis’ latest intercepted cryptograms

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Cryptograms appeared on the Web, which they managed to not only intercept from the Nazis before the end of World War II, but also to decrypt. The work was done by the Center for Government Communications of Great Britain.

The aforementioned center, which was involved in decrypting the records, is the special service responsible for electronic intelligence. The last cipher program was sent in the morning by the Nazi Kunkel (his call sign) on 05/07/1945. After the message, the communication network was turned off.

The broadcast was discontinued on the afternoon of May 6, when British troops entered Cuxhaven. Then Lieutenant Kunkel wished all the best.

There is another message for May 4. In it, a conversation takes place between soldiers who stopped on the Danish coast. One soldier on the record asks for cigarettes, but no one had them.

It is worth noting that the Brown code, that is, “Brown”, was used to encrypt all conversations. It was usually used to convey messages during the creation of experimental weapons. This code was hacked by the British back in 1940, with its help they deciphered the conversations of the Nazis throughout the five years of the war.


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