The vaccine may not be effective due to a new mutation of the coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — A new strain of Covid-19 has been found in the UK, which has raised a number of questions and concerns among scientists. So, the mutated virus is now raging in regions where the number of infections is rapidly increasing. The mutation is many times more infectious.

There is no information that the new virus is more dangerous than the previous variants. The strain has lost two amino acids in the spike protein, which is used to anchor to the host cell.

The mutation was found in a patient from Cambridge who was treated with convalescence plasma, that is, blood plasma with antibodies. The change in the genome of the virus is most likely associated with its attempt to “escape” from death.

According to scientists, all vaccines are aimed at the body’s production of antibodies that absorb the spike proteins of Covid-19. It is possible that the coronavirus will mutate so quickly that vaccines will become ineffective.

Adhesion protein changes can cause the strain to successfully evade antibodies. How events will develop is difficult to predict. Experts hope for the best.


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