The mystical phenomena in the war left historians at a loss

(ORDO NEWS) — Many participants in the wars talked about mystical phenomena, which, according to them, they had to face. We are talking about the events of the long past, but also about the Great Patriotic War, and, for example, the Afghan war. Psychologists could explain this as a state of wild stress, which can mobilize all forces or change a person’s consciousness. We have collected the most striking similar cases.

Virgin Mary over Stalingrad

Archimandrite Alipy (in the world Ivan Mikhailovich Voronov) is one of the most revered hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church. For a decade and a half – from the fall of 1959 to the spring of 1975, he was the governor of the Pskovo-Pechersky monastery. However, in his youth, this man was quite far from faith – he worked at the shock Komsomol construction site, laying the first metro line, enthusiastically engaged in painting … When in 1942 Ivan was drafted into the army, his mother gave him a small icon of the Mother of God and punished him all the time carry it with you: “When it is difficult, get the icon, pray to the Mother of God, She will help!”

During one of the battles, Ivan Voronov with a group of fighters was cut off from his own in the forest. There were Germans on three sides, and the only way left free was impassable – there was a swamp.

Under the threat of imminent death, the guy remembered his mother’s instructions. Furtively he took out an icon, began to cross himself on it: “Mother of God, if you exist – help!” And suddenly an old woman came up to the surrounded soldiers, coming from nowhere: “Have they lost it, sons? Come on, I’ll show you the path! ” So she led out along an inconspicuous stitch through the swamp to her own. Ivan then wanted to express his gratitude to the savior: “Well, mother, I don’t know how to thank you!” And she suddenly said in response: “You will serve me all your life!” After that she stepped aside and disappeared, as if she had disappeared into thin air.

The prophecy of the messenger of heaven has come true. Several years after the war, Voronov became a priest, then took monastic vows. Until the end of his days he headed the Pskov-Pechersky Monastery, named after the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos.

There are references to a much larger (if such a word is applicable to this topic) heavenly precedent associated with the appearance of the Virgin Mary to the soldiers of the Red Army who fought against the Nazis in Stalingrad.

It all happened on November 11, 1942, at one of the most critical moments of the battle on the Volga. The regiments of General Chuikov’s 62nd Army defending Stalingrad were subjected to a fierce German attack. As a result, Paulus’s troops in several places were able to break through to the very bank of the river. It seemed that a little bit more, and the defenders of the city would be thrown into the Volga from the narrow coastal strip they occupied …

At such a desperate moment, an amazing manifestation of heavenly forces happened. This phenomenon appears in the report of the authorized Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR, which is now kept in the State Archives of the Russian Federation. According to the historian Vadim Yakunin, who studied the document, it is dated 1943 and compiled by the Commissioner of the Council for the ROC Khodchenko. The Chekist official (and then the “theologians” from the department of Comrade Beria were in charge of the church affairs) informed his chief, the chairman of the Council for the ROC, Colonel of State Security Karpov, about what happened in the midst of the battle for Stalingrad: they say that the soldiers of an entire military unit from Chuikov’s army claim that they had witnessed wonderful divine phenomenon.

For reasons quite understandable at that atheistic time, Khodchenko did not give detailed descriptions of the sign. However, later, in the years of the “church thaw” that came towards the end of the century, historians and local historians managed to find people’s memories of this event.

In particular, two elderly women from the town of Krasnoslobodsk, located opposite Stalingrad on the other bank of the Volga, remembered well how at that time they, still children, listened to a story about this event from a soldier named Velichko who was in their quarters. It turns out that suddenly, during the battle, a light stripe appeared in the cloudy pre-winter sky, which became brighter and brighter. It was so surprising that both sides stopped firing. The opponents suspected each other of some new military trick.

Our team decided to send intelligence ahead to understand what the Nazis were up to. The group included the Red Army soldier Velichko. He said that, allegedly, with his comrades crawled some distance and saw the figure of a woman in white clothes. They wanted to crawl closer to her, but ran into some invisible wall, which would not let her further. I had to return … According to the scout, this vision lasted for more than half an hour. When it disappeared, the fight resumed.

Others saw the image of the Virgin in the sky. Georgy Golubev, who served in the fall of 1942 as an officer of the Special Department, just at the time these miracles were taking place, was crossing from the left bank of the Volga to the right, delivering there secret orders for the units fighting in Stalingrad.

Forcing the channel of the still not frozen river with improvised means was a very difficult task: the Nazis fiercely fired at our crossings. So the young “special officer” did not have a chance to notice the amazing event: he focused all his attention on how to hide from the fragments. But when he finally got to the location of his department, one of the colleagues who were here shared the news: “While you were crawling on your belly, we saw everything here – the Mother of God was in the sky! Full length and with the Christ child! Now there will definitely be order.”

Contrary to the laws of aerodynamics

Mentions about the manifestations of the influence of the “super-heavenly forces” can be found in the chronicles relating to different periods of history – from ancient to modern.

One of the earliest and most resonant was the miraculous appearance of the Mother of God to the blessed Andrew at the end of the 9th century during the attack on Byzantium of the enemy army. Enemies (as some historians suggest, we are talking about the Saracens) laid siege to the capital of the state of Constantinople, preparing to storm the city.

Many residents then came to the temples, begging God for salvation from destruction. Among them was Andre the Fool. According to the description given in his Life, during the prayer in the Blachernae Church of Constantinople, a miraculous phenomenon suddenly appeared to Andrew’s eyes: the Mother of God was walking to the altar from the doors of the temple along with a host of angels. She turned to the Almighty, praying for the salvation of the inhabitants of the besieged Constantinople, and then took off her omophorion – a long ribbon-cover and stretched it over the heads of the people who were in the temple, thereby signifying their Highest protection from danger. As the old legend says, a miracle happened after that. The enemy troops besieging the capital of Byzantium did not storm the city and soon retreated.

In memory of this event, many local Churches, including the Russian one, began to celebrate the great feast of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos.

There are evidences of unusual phenomena associated with higher powers in our time. Colonel of the military aviation Vladimir Gospod told about one such incident during the Afghan war.

On account of this helicopter pilot, almost 700 sorties in Afghanistan. As Vladimir Alekseevich himself said in one of his interviews, before his business trip to Afghanistan, his mother gave him – then an absolute atheist, the icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker: “When it’s hard, he will help you. You ask him – Nikolai the Pleasant, God’s helper, save and help! ” The pilot (and even a party member) did not upset his mother with a refusal, but in order not to advertise her amulet in front of his comrades, he sewed a small image into the collar of his flight suit.

Once in a distant country engulfed in war, for the time being he did not think of the icon. But then fate sent him several trials in which it seemed impossible to survive. And here the mother’s teaching came in handy.

Especially surprising was the case when Vladimir and his wingman were instructed to evacuate a group of special forces who were hiding from the “spirits” after completing the assignment. Ours marked their location with smoke signals – they are at the “navel” among the higher mountains.

As soon as the helicopters hovered at the very ground, the starley approached, the group commander: “My soldier fell into the abyss, we must take him!” And he pointed to a narrow gorge. The width of this “crack” is only a hundred meters, and the special forces soldier rolled deep – 70-80 meters. It gives signals that it is alive, only it has broken badly. It takes a long time to get to it along a steep slope; you will have to use climbing equipment. Meanwhile, squads of spooks may just about here, attracted by signal smoke and the rumble of turntables.

The commando asked Vladimir to dive into the gorge by helicopter, sit next to the wounded soldier and take him aboard. However, an experienced pilot was well aware of how dangerous and even hopeless it was. This cut between the mountains is very narrow, and, most importantly, the height of the entire area is decent – about 2000 meters. “I won’t sit there, because then I won’t be able to take off from there.” The commandos understood the reason for the refusal, they began to prepare to help the injured comrade by pulling him out on the ropes.

However, in the process of this rescue operation, the situation only worsened: the group leader himself fell down. Now at the bottom of the gorge there were two victims, and without them the rest refused to leave this place, in fact dooming themselves to an unequal fight with the “spirits” already nearby.

In such a critical situation, Vladimir Gospod made the only decision acceptable for a real warrior, formulated by the famous Suvorov: “Perish yourself, but help your comrade!”

“There was no other way out, and I sank into this pit,” the Lord later told. – The flight technician with the co-pilot was dragged into the starley’s cabin with a soldier. But, as I expected, the helicopter does not fly up.”

It seemed that the laws of aerodynamics, learned in flight school, could not be deceived. The helicopter, responding to the actions of the crew commander, only twitches, but does not lift off the ground …

“And then I remembered about the icon – and took off!”

Since then, Vladimir Alekseevich took the Lord for granted, and more than once shared this reality revealed to him in the most difficult combat conditions with young pilots: “There are laws of aerodynamics. But there are still higher, God’s, laws. Believe it or not, but only they explain those situations when, with absolute hopelessness from the point of view of physics, a person still gets out of a hopeless situation. ”

Dexterous bullet fool

During the Great Patriotic War, absolutely amazing, but moreover, purely materialistic things happened. Seeing something like this in a film or reading it in a novel, you will probably want to exclaim: “The author has fantasized. This could not be in real life! ” But it turns out it could.

During the war years, many parcels came to the front from the rear. Workers, collective farmers, schoolchildren sent warm clothes, tobacco pouches and tobacco, simple treats to the fighters … Moreover, often such mailings were addressed not to a specific person, but to a stranger – on the lid of the box it was indicated, for example: “a brave hero”, “the most accurate Red Army soldier.” The distribution of such parcels was a real lottery, sometimes their fate was decided by a common decision of the soldiers of a platoon or company.

This is exactly what happened at the end of 1944 in the 1229th Howitzer Artillery Regiment. Later, one of the officers, the battery commander, recalled: “On the eve of the October holiday, gifts were brought to the battery. Among them was a parcel with the traditional address “The Most Brave Soldier.” I had to vote. They unanimously awarded a gift to the telephone operator Grigory Turyanchik, a very modest guy, desperate and brave in battle.

They also took into account the fact that Gregory was painfully experiencing separation from his wife. He was wounded near Oranienbaum, he was treated for a long time, then ended up in another part. And at that time the wife was evacuated from Leningrad, and so they lost each other.”

When the operator opened the plywood box, it turned out that there was a note on top of its contents. After reading it, Grigory almost burst into tears: “Dear soldier, accept greetings from the deep rear. Please let me know if you met the soldier Grigory Turyanchik for an hour. With deep respect, Elena Turyanchik. ” The address of the sender followed.

A real miracle can be considered the salvation during the air battle of the pilot, captain Vladimir Murzaev, who fought on the Leningrad front. After completing one of the missions, a group of bombers, which included the Il-4 Murzaev, was attacked by the Messerschmitts. Murzaevsky “Ilyushin” was hit. The commander ordered the navigator and the gunner to jump with a parachute, and after that he himself left the heavily damaged car. But almost immediately, as soon as he was outside the cockpit, Vladimir suddenly received a severe blow to the head and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found that he was lying on the snowy slope of a ravine. When he managed to get his bearings, the pilot realized that he was literally a kilometer from his home airfield. Vladimir got there safely, reported to his superiors about his return. However, the officers-fellow soldiers looked with distrust and fear at the “risen from the dead”, or rather at the knapsack of his parachute: he remained in an undisclosed form! That is, Murzaev survived, having descended without any rescue equipment from a height of many hundreds of meters!

When they began to investigate such an amazing case, it became clear: as soon as he left the knocked-out bomber, the pilot was hit on the head by a piece of skin or some other aircraft part that had flown off as a result of German shelling. Because of this blow, he lost consciousness, not having time to pull the ring to open the parachute. So he flew down like a stone. And the snowdrift helped the lucky man to survive when he hit the ground, which absorbed the fall, and in addition – the slope of the ravine, where he was lucky to get: the blow fell on a tangent.

And now another equally amazing episode from the times of the Great Patriotic War, the probability of which is vanishingly small. But now we are talking about a miracle with a minus sign.

In his memoirs, veteran tanker Dmitriy Loza mentions a case of fatal bad luck. Once, a Luftwaffe fighter attacked a Soviet tank on low level flight – fired at it from its machine guns. The idea seems to be completely meaningless: after all, bullets will not be able to penetrate thick armor. However, the fascist still managed to inflict damage on our tankers: the commander of the combat vehicle died from the shelling.

When investigating the incident, it became a real mystery. How could an enemy bullet hit an officer inside an armored turret with the top hatches battened down? The answer would never have been found if one of our military had not looked into the barrel of the tank’s cannon (it was an American Sherman, one of those supplied to the Red Army under Lend-Lease). On the walls of the canal, a narrow furrow left by a foreign object was noticeable. It was a bullet mark.

In the end, it turned out amazing. At the moment the German fighter attacked, the Sherman’s turret gun was lifted up as high as possible. And one of the bullets fired by the pilot managed to hit exactly the hole in the barrel and penetrate the inside of the tank through it. This amazing accident was superimposed on another. As luck would have it, at the time of the air raid, the commander of the armored vehicle was sitting in the tower with his back to the gun, the bolt of which was open. As a result, the bullet, flying unhindered through the through “pipe” of the gun, inflicted a mortal wound on this unfortunate man.

For whom the “fireballs” fought

Among the evidence of miracles in war, there are, of course, references to UFOs. Pilots of aircraft of the Western Allies had a chance to get acquainted with a similar phenomenon during the Second World War. They even coined a special term for such troublemakers – Foo Fighters, which was officially legalized in the US military in the fall of 1944.

The crews of American and British bombers, which made night raids on German territory, repeatedly informed ground services that they were observing some kind of incomprehensible very fast moving objects accompanying their aircraft. Pilots described the appearance of such “fu fighters” in different ways.

More often than others, mentions of glowing balls of red, yellow-orange or white appeared. They sometimes wrote intricate trajectories in the air, suddenly disappearing and just as suddenly appearing. At the same time, incomprehensible air gizmos did not take any aggressive actions in relation to the Allied aircraft, however, attempts to break away from them, increasing the speed, did not lead to anything. The shelling from onboard machine guns and aircraft cannons also had no visible effect.

The Allied Air Force Command took such reports seriously, suspecting that such meetings in the air could indicate that the Germans had some completely new secret weapon. However, later it turned out that such suspicions were completely in vain. The fact is that in the documents of the enemy there were similar reports from Japanese military pilots and Luftwaffe pilots, they also observed many times during their missions incomprehensible shining objects that flew in the sky.

There was even information about the phenomenon in the Western press. On January 15, 1945, Time magazine published Foo Fighter, which reported that US Air Force fighters had been chasing fireballs for more than a month.

After the end of World War II, a special scientific group was created in the United States, whose members began to study strange phenomena. As a result, scientists have put forward several hypotheses that make it possible to evaluate the “fu fighters” from a materialistic point of view. It was assumed that these could be optical illusions caused by certain conditions in the atmosphere, or electrostatic phenomena, which are similar to the so-called “St. Elmo’s fires” already described earlier.

However, scientists did not manage to thoroughly understand the nature of Foo fighters. Modern ufologists are sure that these strange fireballs were nothing more than UFOs, sent by some extraterrestrial forces.



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