The mysterious development of the Third Reich could provoke a Roswell incident

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — On the Web more than once such technology of the Third Reich as the “Nazi Bell” was mentioned. Due to this development, based on a powerful anti-gravity system, the Germans planned to visit the moon and other planets. It is impossible to say for sure whether the car really existed, but for some reason it is attributed to it the consequences of various incidents.

Testing of technology was compared with the appearance of UFO in the town of Roswell (USA) in 1947. It is noteworthy that it is in this area that the range of the American army is located.

The Nazis continued their development for some time, even after the fall of Hitler’s regime. Scientists discussed the possibilities of technology, the destructive capabilities of the Wunderwaffe machine and its possible future. At the end of World War II, the system was completed and even used to attack London. The Nazis set as their goal the destruction of enemy air forces.

After the fall of the Third Reich, the “Bell” project was curtailed, all of its materials were acquired by the Americans and, possibly, even applied at their training ground. According to some reports, Hitler was able to make enough progress in the implementation of his plans to establish dominance in space. Even the United States did not have such technologies that could withstand the Nazi Bell. This clearly indicates the superiority of Germany at that time.

Experts do not claim that development testing was done by the Americans in Roswell. Maybe it was the Bell that attracted aliens, or is this another conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, the truth is unlikely to ever be revealed.


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