The Moon wants to create a “Noah’s Ark” on the eve of mass extinction on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — According to researchers, the Moon is the best place to store samples of terrestrial species. In total, 6.7 million creatures live on our planet.

The decline in the number of species on Earth is happening at such a tremendous rate that scientists are seriously thinking about the beginning of the sixth mass extinction. The main reason for the loss of biodiversity is human activities. It is people who must do everything possible to prevent a mass extinction.

Experts suggested a way: to build a storage facility on the moon and send samples there. Previously, an attempt was made to store them in the Global Seed Vault from Svalbard (Arctic), but the melted permafrost in 2016 flooded the premises. At that time, it contained important food crops.

The experts concluded that the safest place is outside the world. The moon is tectonically stable, and there are no weather events on it. “A certain Noah” ark can be created inside lava tubes, where the seeds will be at a temperature of -180 ° C, and animal cells – -196 ° C.


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