Galloping the Universe: a way to travel through wormholes has been found

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(ORDO NEWS) — In the future, humanity will be able to cover distances on an astronomical scale in moments using wormholes. This statement was made by scientists.

It has been concluded for a while that traveling through interdimensional wormholes is not a fantasy. Objects represent a hypothetical area of ​​space-time, are a kind of tunnel to different points of the Universe. The presence of wormholes has not been reliably proven.

Wormholes can be found in science fiction films. Scientists believe that objects are capable of being dangerous. So, during the trip, they can unexpectedly close, during this a gravitational collapse occurs. To keep the wormhole open, experts are considering using rare specialty substances.

Scientists from the Complutense University of Madrid do not exclude that it may be possible to do without substances. They are fixated on another problem: wormholes may be too small for a human spacecraft to pass through.

Simulations have shown that wormholes are capable of transporting a person in seconds to any point in the galaxy with a pressure of less than 20 grams.


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