The man claims that he went to hell for 23 minutes

(ORDO NEWS) — Bill Wise said that for 23 minutes he was in a state that very much resembled clinical death. This time was enough to go to hell and see how millions of people suffer.

Reported by TCT Network.

This happened twenty years ago. Bill at three o’clock in the morning went into the kitchen and suddenly something strange “tore his soul from his body, and then threw it into a terrible tunnel.” Most of the people who have experienced this have talked about having been to Heaven and seeing their previously deceased relatives. Bill ended up in hell. He added that it got very hot and eventually the man landed on a stone floor in a dark prison cell.

Terrible creatures of enormous size immediately appeared near the camera in hell. Bill knew immediately that they were demons. The man did not describe how the demons spoke among themselves, but it was clear that they were blaspheming. After that, one of the creatures, grabbing Bill, threw him against the wall of the cell. It seemed to him that in a second all the bones broke and unbearable pain pierced him.

Then the man said that it suddenly became light in the cell. Most likely, it was God’s presence. Then it got dark again, but the demons no longer touched Bill. They took him out of the cell and he was next to a huge pit of fire. Millions of people resembling skeletons burned and shouted in it.

Bill added that there are different punishments in hell. He was simply isolated from everyone else, but that was enough for the man to feel all the horror of being in the Underworld.

Then suddenly Bill came to himself on the floor of his own kitchen. He spent 23 minutes unconscious. A few years later, a book was released, entitled “23 Minutes in Hell.” It became a real bestseller in 2006.


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