Experts named ways to keep your heart healthy

(ORDO NEWS) — A huge number of factors affect the state of the cardiovascular system. In order to reduce the risk of all sorts of pathologies and keep your heart healthy for many years, you should adhere to simple tips.

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• Minimum stress. Stressful situations increase cortisol levels, which leads to the production of visceral fat. It negatively affects the work of the heart muscle.

• Phone minimum. American scientists conducted a study and found that people who use the phone a lot experience much more stress than others.

• We take the toxins. Many food products contain hazardous substances, so preference should be given to food that has undergone minimal processing. It is also worth giving up alcohol, nicotine and not using sweeteners of chemical origin.

• Monitor your sugar levels. High blood glucose levels can cause oxidative damage to blood vessels, so this should be monitored at all times.

• Adequate sleep. You need to sleep 8-9 hours. It is also desirable to have a specific schedule.

• It is very important to exercise. Even simple exercises will do much more good than none at all.

• Vitamins. Heart problems can occur due to insufficient amounts of folic acid and vitamin B12 in the body.

• It is advisable to minimize the amount of salt consumed, which in excess raises blood pressure.

It is necessary to closely monitor the state of the cardiovascular system in order to avoid the development of many pathologies and premature death.


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