The head of NASA said that they are studying at Area-51

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, on the basis of a highly sophisticated specialization, experts analyze the most diverse cosmic phenomena and scientific data, which have never been studied there from the source

Charles Bolden – the head of the American cosmic agent, confirms that in “Zone 51” they never found the facts that were in the past.

Area 51 is often used in popular culture as a symbol of secrets hidden by the military and the government of the United States of America; associated, as a rule, with UFOs. Air traffic over Area 51 is prohibited. Some information about Area 51 was declassified in the summer of 2013.

Area 51 is not a conventional airbase: a new type of aircraft is being developed and tested there. Once approved by the US Air Force or other agencies such as the CIA, they are used at conventional military bases. Soviet spy satellites photographed Area 51 during the Cold War, after which civilian satellites prepared detailed images of the base and its surroundings.

However, it is impossible to obtain significant information about the landfill from them: only unremarkable bases, hangars and dry lakes are visible. According to unofficial data, the main part of the working part of the base is underground.


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