How secret societies rule the movement of the poles

(ORDO NEWS) — Since the first reports in the press that the magnetic pole shift has accelerated significantly, there has been a very long and ineffective discussion on this topic. All who could and who could not, from geologists to cosmologists, spoke out, but the question remains open: why did it start, how and when will it end?

And today, at one of the visited Western forums, another opinion has appeared, which we invite our readers to get acquainted with. Let’s say right away: the opinion is shocking, but it is very likely that everything is exactly the way it really is. It is possible that the author does not see the whole picture, perhaps he simply saves words and does not talk about everything, however, most of our readers are educated and widely erudite people, so everything that follows from the following can easily be thought out on their own. So.

For starters, especially for people with gender dysphoria (Gender Dysphoria GD, gender identity disorder), I want to inform that I have one of my relatives suffers from this syndrome, so I am speaking without a shadow of bias. And I want to say that GD suffers from 0.002% to 0.014% of people – that is, these are funny and symbolic numbers. Meanwhile, GD is very actively imposed on the entire society: from the rarest medical syndrome, the media has made the main topic of news releases and conversations at the dinner table.

Today, TV channels claim that biological men do not just “can”, but directly “should” get pregnant, that all great celebrities raise children without sex, that we have wonderful gender reassigned athletes – and so on and so on. Isn’t that too much for 0.002%? It seems that society has smoothly entered some kind of twilight zone.

To explain all this, people come up with a variety of theories:

  1. It’s mind control and / or population control
  2. This is done to legalize pedophilia;
  3. This is the imposition of Satanism on the society and the destruction of all religions;
  4. This is a way of limiting the birth rate;
  5. This is the destruction of such a phenomenon as the family and, as a consequence, all social values ​​associated with the family;
  6. This is an alien / secret government experiment.

It is possible that not just one of them, but even all of the above and not listed reasons are somehow justified, but the problem is that people do not fully understand the world in which they live and, as a result, their place in this world.

One of the basic principles of logic and philosophy is dualism, that is, the duality of everything and everything: top – bottom, plus – minus, chaos – order, day – night, good – evil, war – peace. These are all irreducible properties of reality, absolutely opposite to each other. And although the “academics” “study” all this, the true rulers of the world elevated dualism to the rank of the highest religious worship.

In my opinion, our Earth will experience a complete polar shift in the near future. The movement of our magnetic poles has been accelerating since 2015, and soon there will be a kind of reset. The highest elite of the planet knows the approximate timing of the event, and…. she worships this process.

There is a fact known to all conspiracy theorists: secret societies worship the stars, planets and the sun. Astrology and numerology has been elevated to the rank of a cult. In this situation, if the Earth from time to time goes through a certain cyclical process – this process cannot but be an object for worship.

Another fact known to all conspiracy theorists: since the time of the Egyptian priests, secret societies have been playing occult mysteries that reflect the processes taking place with Nature and the Universe as a whole. Religious holidays are precisely such mysteries. Only if in ancient times the priests staged gladiator fights and dances with tambourines, today the performance has become global.

And now suppose that a pole flip is approaching – the elimination of the obvious manifestation of the duality of the electromagnetic universe. Today all scientists write that “the strength of the magnetic field is disturbed.” That is, the magnetic field loses its duality, and where there used to be a clear North – today it is either North or South. And at the moment of the upheaval, the duality of the poles will be absolutely broken. That is, it will disappear for a moment.

Hence, I believe that “soldering” people into a transgender society is actually a form of mass manipulation and occult worship of the impending reversal of the Earth’s poles. That is, this is a kind of global occult performance, a grandiose religious mystery, when society is doing, as it were, the same thing that happens to the planetary magnetic field. And when the poles are suddenly completely reversed, all ritual anti-duality by the occultists will cease.


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