Next to “Area 51” noticed a truck with a mysterious disk-shaped object

(ORDO NEWS) -- Near the classified US Air Force facility, Area 51, eyewitnesses filmed a

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Simply complicated Area 51 or the top-secret US military base

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 1996, the stunning film "Independence Day" was released, which became one

Are the Chinese building their own Area 51

(ORDO NEWS) -- There is information that a secret facility is being built in one

Mysterious triangular object spotted in one of Area 51 hangars

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New snapshot of the top-secret “Area 51” has appeared on the Internet

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The head of NASA said that they are studying at Area-51

(ORDO NEWS) -- Today, on the basis of a highly sophisticated specialization, experts analyze the

Huge orange UFO was transported by truck to Area 51

(ORDO NEWS) -- The UFO hunter posted a rather strange video in which you can

LIVE BROADCAST: UFO was spotted flying towards Area 51 (VIDEO)

(ORDO NEWS) -- Those who believe in the conspiracy theory noticed during the live broadcast

Something disappeared from the American “alien” base

(ORDO NEWS) -- Some time ago, one pilot with a classified name received permission to