The girl left the body and met the Angel: communication with him changed her earthly life

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(ORDO NEWS) — A 17-year-old girl named Natasha suffered from heart problems: she sometimes could not sleep at night due to hellish pains. One night, the heroine of the story realized that she was seeing her body from the side. For some reason, it pulsed in different colors. The girl realized that she was going through a near-death experience.

Everything looked as real as possible. In a moment, a marvelous garden, which was shimmering with bright flowers, opened up. The lights, by the way, did not annoy me a bit. The girl realized that she can see what is happening around her with her whole body, and not just with her eyes. The soul merged with nature in the garden, complete harmony was felt.

Suddenly Natasha found herself in front of a large veranda, from where a white light emanated. The girl decided to look through the veranda door, despite the intense excitement. Suddenly, she felt the energy that went through her. It was Light, it radiated love and understanding.

The light turned into an angel of extraterrestrial beauty. He said that it was too early for the girl to go through the doorway, since earthly affairs were not completed. He showed two of Natasha’s sisters – people who mean a lot in her life. At first, the girl noted that the sisters would join her later, but then she changed her mind to cut ties.

The angel enveloped Natasha in light. The girl felt as if she was in her mother’s arms. The feeling was strong and true. However, it quickly passed: the heroine of the story felt how she was “sucked” back into the body. The breath suddenly began to hurt, the light disappeared. The girl was frightened, so she ran to her older sister. Natasha looked like a corpse, she cried and was afraid to fall asleep.

The girl remembered her experience with horror for more than one month, and each time she could hardly hold back her tears. For Natasha, God ceased to be the pinnacle of justice, the standard of severity and steadfastness. She now perceived him as a light that gives a feeling of bliss. The disease helped to cope with negative emotions, taught me to forgive and go my own way with the understanding that there will be light in the end.


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