Britain announced the interception of Russian Tu-142 over the North Sea

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(ORDO NEWS) — British Typhoon fighters on Saturday morning were lifted into the air from Lossiemouth airbase in Scotland to escort two Tu-142 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, flying over the waters of the North Sea “near the borders of United Kingdom airspace.” This is stated in a message released by the press service of the British Air Force.

The document argues that Russian warplanes can allegedly pose a threat to other aircraft in the British flight information area over the North Sea, as they rarely respond to requests from air traffic controllers.

“In order to curb these provocative activities and reduce the risks associated with flights of Russian military aircraft in busy areas of international airspace, Typhoons of the United Kingdom Air Force accompanied two Russian aircraft, carefully monitoring their movements,” it was reported. It also noted that the British Air Force was assisted by NATO allies, and fighters replenished the air supplies from the Voyager tanker aircraft, which took off from the British Brize Norton air base.

The Russian Embassy in the UK has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that British politicians and the military in recent years have often cited an alleged Russian threat to justify an increase in the defense budget and an expansion of the British military presence in other regions. Russian diplomats also pointed out that the numerous sorties of the British Air Force fighters towards Russian planes are an unjustified waste of material and human resources, creating additional risks for civil aviation.


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