Mysterious metal monolith found in Utah disappeared

(ORDO NEWS) — A few days ago, an unusual find was made in the American state of Utah – a strange metal monolith, the origin of which can hardly be found out. When the journalists went to the object, it turned out that he had disappeared somewhere.

The journalists went to the element to study it, but in the end they were disappointed. In place of the monolith, only a triangle, also made of metal, remained. Previously, this triangle was at the top of the entire structure.

The State Bureau of Land Management noted that it did not collect the property. They only received information that the structure illegally installed in the communal territory had disappeared. Who could have done this is unknown.

There is one eyewitness named Riccardo Marino who saw a truck in the evening. She was transporting a large rectangular object. With a high degree of probability, this was what everyone is looking for today.

The monolith itself was spotted by pilots who explored the area while counting mountain sheep. According to the pilots, the mysterious object could have belonged to NASA or another contemporary artist. Maybe the cultural figure was inspired by the movie “A Space Odyssey”. In this film, in the middle of the desert, primates find a metal monolith very similar to the one they met in Utah.

Since there is no element, it is not possible to find out its origin. True, there is hope that the monolith will be found.


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