The end of the world is near: another sign of the approaching apocalypse

(ORDO NEWS) — Evangelist Paul Begley is confident that a real apocalypse will soon occur. The border conflict that is being observed in Israel today is actually a battle between ‚ÄúSatan and God”.

The preacher is confident that the conflict that began on the Israeli border, although it was successfully eliminated, is still to some extent another sign of the imminent onset of the Day of Judgment. As proof of his innocence, Paul Begley recalled the pandemic and several eclipses that occurred this year.

A popular preacher who runs his own YouTube channel and has many subscribers calls Israel the “Holy Land.” He added that the violent clash that took place at the border some time ago is only the beginning of very sad events. They can cause the fall of the country and the death of a huge number of people.

Already this week, the Israel Defense Forces received a statement that they had liquidated “an attempt to penetrate into the territory of the country by a Lebanese militant group.” During the clash, civilians had to stay in their homes. At the same time, artillery with the help of a smoke screen was able to throw back the enemy.

According to the preacher, the Bible says that Israel will definitely be attacked. The prophecy in the Holy Book is written quite clearly and clearly. The country will be consumed by fire. Begley is confident that the Bible contains a prediction that Israel will be invaded by the militant Hezbollah, which belongs to Lebanon. This can end very sadly. Such events, according to the Bible, may well become the beginning of the end and collapse for all of Israel.


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