Virgin Mary statue in Italy began to cry with bloody tears

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(ORDO NEWS) — On Piazza Paolino Arnesano in Carmiano, Italy, the statue of the Virgin Mary began to cry tears of blood. This attracted the attention of a huge number of believers who came to see what was happening.

Carmiano is a small town in Italy. At first, only local residents learned about the miracle, but soon pilgrims from other parts of the country began to visit the city. Today, next to the statue, there are huge crowds of people who came to see this incredible and at the same time frightening miracle. Priest Riccardo Calabrese said that no one really knows if it was a miracle, the influence of the heat, or someone’s extremely bad joke. The statue was visited not only by adults, but also by a huge number of children.

Many believe that it is the Virgin Mary’s bloody tears that warn of some terrible event that may happen soon. Nobody knows what will actually happen. A geological catastrophe may well occur, or a dangerous disease will again begin to spread at a terrible pace in Italy. Perhaps the country is facing a war that will arise as a result of conflicts in the Mediterranean. The catastrophe can actually be of any nature and huge scale.

Believers believe that what is happening is a real miracle and come to worship the statue of the Virgin Mary. They hope that nothing terrible will happen in the near future, although due to a pandemic that does not stop, the approach of many asteroids and other things, no one is sure about this.


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