Alien life exists and it will soon be discovered

(ORDO NEWS) — Dr. Garik Israelis made an incredible prediction about when exactly humanity will be able to detect alien life. He also added that Mars is one of the points where it can be found.

At the same time, the scientist added that the discovery will be so amazing that it can shock all of humanity. He is confident that it will be possible to detect alien life in the next ten years. The first may be the microbes found on the surface of Mars.

Some time after that, according to the doctor, it will be possible to find life outside our solar system. Well, or in extreme cases, there is accurate evidence that it really exists. Such discoveries could really shock all of humanity.

It is worth noting that experts, and especially NASA, are extremely wary of all the samples that are delivered to our planet from Mars. Although there is nothing wrong with them and they are completely safe for human health. To date, it has been possible to obtain samples of cometary dust, particles of the solar wind and stones from the Moon, as well as some samples from Mars, represented by the remnants of meteorites.

In order not to harm the Earth’s environment, NASA, together with ESA, have developed special methods that help to carry out molecular decontamination and sterilization of the samples obtained. But this negatively affects the study of materials, because during processing they lose some of the data, which slows down the search for alien life or evidence of its existence.


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