The end of the world can happen in 2029 or 2036

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A week does not pass so that another prophecy about the end of the world or news that confirms the approach of the Apocalypse does not appear . Mankind has been predicted many times the end of the world, but in fact, nothing happened. However, this time the latest forecasts of astronomers make the public wary

According to preliminary calculations by scientists, the world will face two catastrophic threats from outer space. We are talking about the asteroid Apophis, whose trajectory has recently been very worrying for astrophysicists. According to their calculations, the cosmic body should come closer to the Earth twice – in 2029 and 2036.

For the first time, an object will approach the Earth at a distance of only 40 thousand kilometers, but it can decrease under the gravity of our planet. However, astronomers believe that even in this case, the Earth will avoid a collision with an asteroid.

If we survive this event, then after seven years (in 2036) the asteroid will again draw closer to the Earth, and in this case, the asteroid will fly directly to it.

Astronomers have indicated countries that might be hit by a celestial body: USA, Russia, China, Japan, and Canada. The force of the impact will be comparable to the 44 atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima in 1945, which is equal to 800 megatons of TNT.

A blow can trigger a chain reaction consisting of a series of monstrous disasters that can wipe all life from the face of the Earth.

Collisions with an asteroid can not be avoided?

At one time, encouraging amendments were issued by Russian scientists. We are talking about the Yarkovsky effect, the essence of which is the effect of sunlight on the surface of a rotating asteroid. Under heating, the warm side of the asteroid will emit photons more than the cold. As a result of this, a small reactive force will arise, which will affect the trajectory of the asteroid and knock it out of the way.

Well, let’s hope that the Sun will help us, otherwise humanity will have to look for more effective ways to solve the global problem, of which there are already a lot in theoretical calculations.


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