Fisherman caught an incredibly large paddlefish

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the US state of Oklahoma, a fisherman caught record high paddlefish in Lake Keystone and became famous on the net. This was reported on the site For The Win! | USA Today.

The owner of the tourist fishing company, Jeremiah Mefford, got out on his day off to the lake to fish with his family. Together with his son and wife, he managed to catch a paddlefish weighing almost 65 kilograms.

According to local law, anglers should release paddlers caught on Monday and Friday. Since Mefford was fishing on Saturday, he was able to save the catch in order to take measurements.

Within 68 minutes, the biologists arrived at the site and weighed the paddlefish to confirm the record. Then a large individual was released back into the pond. Biologists swam for several minutes after the fish to make sure that it was not damaged due to fishing.

The previous state record belongs to an American who, in 2018, caught a paddlefish weighing about 60 kilograms in the Arkansas River.

In February, one of Mefford’s clients, Justin Hamlin, caught a 71-kilogram paddle boat. But since the fisherman caught a giant individual on Friday, he had to part with his prey.

Paddlefish is a species of freshwater ray-finned fish. They live in bodies of water in the eastern United States. They have an oily-shaped rostrum, which makes up about a third of the entire body length. Paddlefish are considered a vulnerable species.


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