Indian discovered at home 40 poisonous snakes

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Farmer Shradhanand from India found at home about 40 poisonous snakes. This is reported by UPI.

In India, cases when a snake gets into a house is not uncommon, but the local farmer was “lucky” to find a brood of these reptiles in his home. First he noticed one snake on the floor. He caught her and released her. Then he found three more snakes in his bed. The man also caught and released them in the forest, but in the evening he found another reptile. Then he decided to check where they could get into his house from.

The farmer examined all the cracks, but found nothing. Later, he realized that reptiles can enter the house through the ventilation hole of the air conditioner located on the roof.

Having disassembled the device, Shradhanand saw a terrible picture. A lump of snakes rustled and wriggled in the air conditioner. In total there were more than 40 pieces. With the help of neighbors, the man drew reptiles and carried them back to the forest.

A local veterinarian, Dr. Watsal, said that most likely the snakes laid their eggs inside the air conditioner several months ago when the device was not in use. And now, when the heat began, the working air conditioner was not their best habitat for them, and they began to go outside.


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