How will the appearance of women in 50 years – the forecast of scientists

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Helsinki made a forecast for the appearance of women in 50 years. The true rarity will be the eyes of blue and green.

Scientists talked about the birth of attractive women for 16% more children, different in beauty, so every year there is an increase in the number of beautiful women.

At the same time, specialist Stephen Stearns from Yale University expressed the view that future generations will reduce growth and weight gain, since now it’s short and curvaceous women who more often give birth to children than “light” and tall. In ten years, due to assimilation and immigration, similarities between the fair sex will increase, and freckles will also be rare.

Researchers from the United States believe that women will have more prospects in the field of business and politics, as they provide more care for subordinates and often do not accept bribes.


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