The doctor told why babies hardly get sick with coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are actively investigating the unusual phenomenon. It is still unclear why babies hardly get sick with coronavirus. Perhaps, having established the cause of persistent immunity to infection, it can be used to treat adults. Now they are considering the hypothesis that babies receive immunity together with mother’s milk.

Lactoferin is a protein found in breast milk. It is he who gives global protection to newborns. Gabriel Serrano Sangigel, MD, dermatologist at the Royal National Medical Academy of Spain and founder of Sosderma SL Corporation, spoke about this protein and how it provides immunity.

Lactoferin protects against bacteria and viruses. This protein is effective in fighting various inflammations. It also helps the body cope with aggression and stress. In general, it is a multifunctional substance that has a complex effect on the body.

After studying the antiviral properties of the protein, Dr. Sangmigel said that it can fight against a new infection. The study was conducted on people with coronavirus. They were injected with a drug containing lactoferin. The results showed that this treatment is effective. Already, a group of scientists is working on the creation of a drug for adults with this protein.


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