In Germany, a tank and an anti-aircraft gun were found at a man’s house

(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the residents of the suburb of Kiel (Germany) they found a whole arms warehouse at home. He kept an arsenal in the basement of his villa, which would be enough to arm several dozen people. He was put on trial because he was accused of possessing Nazi-era weapons.

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But not only military weapons (pistols and more than 1000 cartridges) were kept in the man’s cache. An anti-aircraft gun and even a torpedo were found in the basement of the house. Also in the warehouse was a mortar machine gun and assault rifles. But most of all, the tank weighing almost 40 tons shocked people.

It took 2 days to completely search the pitchfork. For more than 9 hours, 20 soldiers removed the tank. Experts believe that most of the finds are in working order, even the anti-aircraft gun.

The owner of the unusual weapons collection, whose name has not been disclosed, said that he bought the tank in England. According to him, he cost him the price of scrap metal. And for such an unusual love of weapons, a man can be imprisoned for a period of 1-5 years.


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