Archaeologists found a jug that was previously used to curse

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists found an unusual, ancient vessel covered with names of 2300 years old. They are sure that this vessel was part of the “curse” due to which 55 people died in Ancient Athens.

It is reported by Live Science.

This artifact is simple proof that even at that time people believed in dark magic and used it for various purposes. Opening the pot, the researchers found a metal nail and a chicken skeleton in it. An old coin was also found at the site of the find. Most likely, the sorcerer performed the ceremony, but how exactly it took place remains a mystery.

Unfortunately, the entire text on the jug has not survived. Scientists have identified 55 names and scattered letters. Archaeologists claim that they have already found such vessels. Sorcerers used nails in their curses very often. Firstly, this was due to their availability. Secondly, it most likely made it more mysterious.

Analysis of the troupe of the chicken showed that his head was unscrewed, his paws were punctured. The bird was used as a “voodoo doll”. To immobilize the “enemy”, the chicken must be “nailed”. By mutilating various parts of the body, the magician allegedly inflicted injuries on the victim. These are “Athenian curses” for binding and suppressing the will of the opponent.


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