British woman claims chewing gum is to blame for her daughter’s death

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(ORDO NEWS) — A terrible story happened to a teenage girl from Great Britain. More than 10 years ago, Maria Morgan (that’s the name of the baby’s mother) took her daughter to the hospital. She was absolutely healthy, never sick. On that day, the girl suddenly became ill, after a while she died in the hospital. 

Reported by The Sun.

After a long time, Maria Morgan broke the silence and said that chewing gum could be the cause of the child’s death. The family, originally from Wales, UK, initially thought the child died due to overheating in the sun. 

On that tragic day, my daughter complained of fatigue and lack of energy after returning from the street. Mom thought she was just overheated, sent her to her room, told her to lie down to rest and drink some water. 

Later, the woman found the baby convulsing on the floor. She urgently called an ambulance. Also, with the paramedics, the woman immediately went to the hospital. A few days later, the girl died in intensive care without regaining consciousness. 

The toxicological analysis showed nothing. The cause of death has not been established. However, the woman says that Samantha (the deceased girl) was very fond of chewing gum. She bought at least 2 packs of gum every day. Now the mother is convinced that her child died due to a sharp decrease in salt in the body. 

Salt reduction occurs only if you consume unlimited amounts of chewing gum. This played a fatal role in the death of the child.


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