The assassination of a world leader, a powerful volcanic eruption and other predictions of a British psychic for 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — Nicolas Aujula is a trusted psychic from Britain. In 2018, he was able to see the coronavirus epidemic by informing the public about it. Recently, the man presented new visions for the coming year.

According to the pictures seen, the situation with the coronavirus will improve after the New Year. The number of infections will decrease by the spring to such an extent that the situation will be brought under control. The virus will completely disappear only in 2022, not earlier.

The second vision concerns the assassination of a world leader. Even though the face was not clarified, only one thing is known – many countries will shudder. The World Summit will be hit by a sex scandal. The volcano’s awakening will lead to climate change around the world.

Swine flu often comes to Nicholas’ mind, but he does not think that another epidemic will arise. Although, if you think about it, no one could even imagine the appearance of Covid-19.

A man from the age of 17 makes various predictions. There are already quite a few things that have come true. Nicholas is also a hypnotist: he was able to see more than one of his reincarnations. In past lives, he was the queen of Egypt, a servant, a teacher during the French Revolution, an animal, and even lived in another galaxy.

Nicholas does not consider himself special, although he is. Some plots come to him during sleep, while others – during walks. Some events people need to know in advance in order to prepare for them.


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