Florida fisherman, lost at sea for 14 days, claims he was sexually abused by mermaids

(ORDO NEWS) — The US Coast Guard this week rescued a fisherman who spent two weeks at sea off the coast of Florida.

Alvin McCallister was found on a small rocky islet 200 miles offshore. Two weeks ago, he was damaged in a shipwreck. All this time he ate seagulls, hedgehogs and mussels. Today, doctors no longer worry about McCallister’s health. But when he was found, he had severe hallucinations, most likely provoked by the mussels that he ate on the island.

The man also had symptoms of dehydration. At the moment, the victim has only mild hallucinations, so he is still under medical supervision. A representative of the hospital of St. John the Baptist spoke about this.

McCallister told his brother that he survived only thanks to the mermaids. They fed him and also used him for sexual purposes. He described everything in detail and this story threw the victim’s brother into a real shock.

A man, in whose body there is some kind of toxin resembling lead or mercury, which may be contained in mussels, is additionally under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

The medical expert, in turn, said that the victim had abnormal injuries to the anus and genitals. But they are unlikely to have appeared as a result of rape by living sea creatures that McCallister talked about. Most likely, he inflicted all these injuries on himself.

Today, McCallister’s mental state is not entirely stable. Doctors say that it will take him several more weeks to fully restore his health. During this time, all the toxins that got during the consumption of mussels on the island will be released from his body.


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