The 16-kilometer Chinese bridge vibrated with cars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A week ago, in the city of Guangzhou (China), an investigation of a very strange case began: according to motorists, the Humen bridge suddenly began to vibrate, though quite strongly. This vibration can be observed on the video.

The video was made by eyewitnesses. It demonstrates the wiggle and vibration of the structure. People seriously believed that the bridge was about to collapse, so they hurried to leave it. On the record, the design really does not look reliable at all.

On May 7, it became known that local authorities began to study the case. The bridge was immediately blocked for security reasons. Pictures and videos of the “dancing” Humen ferry began to spread rapidly on the Web.

The bridge is 16 kilometers long. Engineers provided six lanes, so traffic on the building is always large. Thousands of citizens traveled daily between the industrial centers that the bridge connected.

According to Ge Yaojun, head of the International Bridge Association, the structure could begin to stagger due to a loss of balance due to the emergency barriers that were installed on it during the repair.

The objects supposedly could well change the aerodynamic performance of the bridge: during the increase in wind, the structure began to flutter and now cannot stop.

Interestingly, the barriers were removed on the 5th, but the bridge did not stop vibrating. Experts have decided that this happens by inertia. In their opinion, the situation should soon stabilize.

Thus, at the moment, the Humen bridge is closed to motorists, since it represents some danger. It is not known when the building will “calm down” and road traffic will recover. Authorities are confident that vibration will not affect the integrity of the bridge and its life.


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