Archaeologists have found a place where the ancient Egyptians mummified the bodies of the dead

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Based on findings in the necropolis of Saqqara, scientists found out how in ancient Egypt they carried out the mummification of citizens. Archaeologists have discovered a complex that is a workshop for various manipulations.

The find was made in the fifth pyramid of the Unas dynasty. The entrance to the building was found two years ago, however, in order to enter, 42 tons of sand had to be removed. The passage led archaeologists to a chamber with high ceilings and lots of pottery.

After cleaning the chamber, it was clear that this was not a burial place, but rather a workshop. It had a ventilation system, drainage channels for collecting blood and a censer.

In clay vessels there were substances that were most likely used in mummification. There was a label on every jar, said Ramadan Hussein of Tübingen University.

It is worth noting that the first workshop was studied in detail: earlier such premises could easily be destroyed in an attempt to open tombs with treasures.


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