Tesla wins Big Brother award

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the organizers of the award, the data collected by Tesla vehicles is processed and then can be used for absolutely any purpose. In addition, the organizers believe that due to their problems with protecting personal information, the company’s machines are, in fact, “long-term data centrifuges.”

Big Brother Awardissued since 2000 in Germany to firms, various organizations, and politicians for the abuse of personal data. This year, in addition to the electric car manufacturer, the laureates were the German government, the H&M chain of stores, the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Ministry of Education, and a number of other organizations.

The German government received the prize for the political assistance of the United States in the conduct of hostilities with the help of attack drones, the trading network – for the “long-term, hidden and illegal” collection and processing of data about its employees and their loved ones, and the Baden-W├╝rttemberg Ministry of Education for what he transferred to the outsourcing of Microsoft to important elements of the local educational platform.

In the Education category, this year’s award went to BrainCo and the Leibniz Association Science Campus for the development and testing of systems that measure student concentration during class using headbands and eye-tracking. The measurement result is then shown by the glow of the built-in diodes on the tape and transmitted to the teacher’s computer. In the USA and China, such systems are already being implemented, but the organizers of the award are sure that this is “training, not training.”


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