Coronavirus and flu: what happens when they start attacking together

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(ORDO NEWS) — The flu season is usually from October to April. This time, it completely overlaps with the coronavirus pandemic, which only adds to the problems for officials and healthcare organizations.

Experts are already thinking about how to deal with this situation. The measures taken to reduce Covid-19 infection will certainly affect the spread of the flu. However, with every release of restrictions, a hellish mixture can arise.

The incidence of coronavirus in children is low, while the incidence of influenza is high. The virus will begin to actively spread in schools and then spread to the homes of students. The situation will get more complicated when the child has several viruses at the same time. Nobody knows how the body will react to a double blow. If these are elderly people with a whole “bouquet” of diseases, then the probability of death will reach the highest possible rates, says Dr. Alexander Lee from LA Care Health Plan.

In China and the United States, there have been some studies examining the simultaneous effects of influenza and coronavirus, but they turned out to be extremely controversial. In some cases, patients felt worse than with Covid-19 without the flu, while in others there was no difference at all. It can be concluded that everything depends on the immunity and age of the patient.

With coronavirus and influenza, the symptoms are almost the same, so when a person with two diseases is admitted, doctors are not able to diagnose both diseases. If nevertheless, it is possible to detect two viruses, then the doctors will most likely be at a loss: there are separate medicines for influenza and Covid-19, how to combine them is unknown.

Interestingly, with the advent of the coronavirus, the number of flu cases has decreased. According to experts, this is due to quarantine measures: wearing masks, canceling road and air connections, regular hand washing, etc. There is also a theory that only one respiratory virus can dominate, but this is only an assumption based on a single fact. Doctors advise getting vaccinated against the flu before it’s too late.


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