Tap water 3500 times less harmful to the environment than bottled water

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from Spain conducted a new study that showed very interesting results. Bottled water was found to be about 3,500 times more harmful to the environment than tap water.

This can be explained not only by the harm that is caused to nature during the extraction, as well as the use of natural resources. The production of plastic containers in which water is supplied to consumers is also very harmful. This is reported by Euronews.

The study showed that if everyone in Barcelona drinks only the water that is sold in plastic containers, then the cost of extracting natural resources will rise to about 70 million euros. Such high costs will cause 1.43 species of animals to disappear from the planet in a year.

At the same time, in general, harm to nature will be done about 3,500 times more than if all residents of Barcelona began to drink tap water.

At the same time, the question arises as to how safe is the water from the mains. The quality assessment will depend entirely on the region. In some countries, water is not additionally purified, and therefore, in most cases, people either boil it or buy it in bottles.

Tap water can contain a huge amount of minerals and metals that will have an extremely negative effect on health.

It is very easy to check the water. If a lot of scale remains in the teapot, then such water should not be drunk. In order to clean it of excess minerals, it is enough to install a special filter on the tap.


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