Former butler named foods banned in the royal family

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(ORDO NEWS) — Grant Harrold, who previously worked as a butler for the royal family, spoke about exactly what foods are considered prohibited.

At the same time, the restrictions were introduced solely as a precautionary measure. Harrold noted that this way you can avoid food poisoning and other unpleasant consequences that can occur after eating certain foods.

This is reported by Express.

Harrold talked about the fact that the royal family is forbidden to eat some seafood. This rule is especially strictly adhered to by Queen Elizabeth II. It also applied to her late husband, who did not eat shellfish. Also, the queen doesn’t like oysters.

Despite this, Prince Charles from time to time still allows himself to deviate from the established ban and eat some seafood.

This rule was a real surprise for Meghan Markle. Before becoming a full member of the royal family, she repeatedly said that she loves seafood very much.

Also, the royal family does not consume garlic at all. Duchess Camilla of Cornwall spoke about how they try to avoid this product during all the receptions that are held in the palace. Also, this rule was confirmed by some employees of the palace kitchens after their dismissal.


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