One of the largest dinosaur hatcheries on Earth was discovered in India

(ORDO NEWS) -- Discovered ancient dinosaur nests stretch from east to west for about 1000

Discovered a new way to mummify a dinosaur

(ORDO NEWS) -- Under certain conditions, dinosaur fossils can include perfectly preserved skin, a phenomenon

Remains of ancient bird with ‘dinosaur head’ found in China

(ORDO NEWS) -- Paleontologists have found in northern China the body prints of a previously

Dinosaur-headed bird found in China

(ORDO NEWS) -- There is little doubt that birds evolved from dinosaurs, but what exactly

170-million-year-old dinosaur fossils found in China

(ORDO NEWS) -- Specialists from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese

In the fossilized remains of a dinosaur found the leg of a mammal eaten by him

(ORDO NEWS) -- Paleontologists have presented an extremely rare find - a fossil of a

Dinosaur fossils tell scientists how Pangea was born

(ORDO NEWS) -- Sometimes it takes decades or even centuries for scientists to unravel the

Paleontologists find first dinosaur that swam like a penguin

(ORDO NEWS) -- A "multi-toothed swimming hunter" found in Mongolia is the first non-avian dinosaur

Dwarf dinosaur found in Transylvania

(ORDO NEWS) -- Just as dwarf species can be found among modern giant animals, a

A dinosaur with preserved intestines was found in China

(ORDO NEWS) -- Finding a fossil animal with preserved intestines is rare, and Chinese paleontologists