Scientist Peter Brannen thinks there may be dinosaur remains on the moon that we can resurrect

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(ORDO NEWS) — If a team of scientists set themselves the goal of bringing an extinct animal species back to this world, then to achieve results, they need the DNA of this species and the most advanced laboratory.

If everything is clear with the laboratory, then DNA is needed for the reason that it acts as an “assembly instruction” for a living organism.

DNA is a fragile structure that breaks down over time. The oldest DNA recovered to date is about 700,000 years old; got it from a horse bone found in permafrost in Canada.

Scientists are convinced that we will never find DNA more than a million years old on Earth, which means we will never be able to “resurrect” dinosaurs that disappeared more than 65 million years ago.

But here the key phrase is “we will never find on Earth”, since we can go to… space in search of dinosaur fragments.

Earth life DNA in space

Science writer Peter Brannen in his book The Ends of the World: Volcanic Apocalypses, Lethal Oceans, and Our Quest to Understand Earth’s Past Mass Extinctions ”) put forward an interesting hypothesis, according to which we can find on the moon the DNA of dinosaurs and other living creatures that inhabited the Earth in the distant past.

Let’s start from afar: from time to time, lunar and Martian meteorites fall on the Earth, which are fragments of the Moon and Mars, knocked out as a result of impacts from other cosmic bodies.

Scientist Peter Brannen thinks there may be dinosaur remains on the moon that we can resurrect 1

During the Apollo program, about 300 kilograms of lunar regolith and stones of various sizes were delivered to Earth, a tiny part of which were of terrestrial origin!

A similar “anomaly” was encountered by Chinese scientists who studied the lunar soil delivered to Earth as part of the Chang’e-5 mission.

In fact, there is no anomaly. In the distant past, the Earth was regularly bombarded by asteroids and comets, which also knocked out the material of our planet, scattering it over the “orbital environment”.

Part of the earth’s surface hit the moon, and here the fun begins…

Space dinosaurs

Peter Brannen believes that when an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs fell to Earth 65 million years ago, it knocked out not only surface material, but also parts of living organisms that inhabited our planet at that historical period.

Scientist Peter Brannen thinks there may be dinosaur remains on the moon that we can resurrect 3

The moon has no atmosphere, so fragments of terrestrial life could reach its surface safe and sound (not burned out during the fall).

In addition, there are no decay bacteria on the Moon, which means that even over tens of millions of years, parts of earthly life would remain relatively unharmed.

All this suggests that, theoretically, we can find dinosaur DNA samples on the lunar surface, deliver them to the earth’s laboratory and use them for cloning.


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