Symptoms that may indicate baldness

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(ORDO NEWS) — In most cases, hair falls out gradually, but sometimes situations arise when everything happens suddenly.

Doctors from the United States talked about what signs of hair loss can indicate that baldness has begun and what you need to pay attention to. It is worth noting that baldness can take different periods of time. From several months to several years.

Reported by the American Academy of Dermatology.

The very first signs of possible baldness are:

• Hair becomes thinner;

• The size of the bald spot is gradually increasing;

• If you put the hair together, you get a fairly thin tail;

• The size of the bald patches increases every month or year.

More serious symptoms include the fact that hair falls out in large quantities, a bald spot has formed in a few days, or a person has lost most of his hair. In cases like these, quite a lot of people opt for neograft hair transplantation or other similar techniques.

Such hair loss signs are easy enough to notice, but there are those that are often not given special importance. For example, the scalp starts to burn or tingle.

Regular itching is present in areas where hair falls out. You may also experience ulcers or swelling on the head, redness and simply discomfort. Such manifestations may indicate that alopecia areata has begun to develop.

Alopecia areata is a condition in which hair can fall out not only on the head, but also on any other part of the body. Most often, hair loss occurs on the head, eyebrows, beard, eyelashes. Sometimes completely all the hairs on the body can disappear.


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