In France, found in the wall a treasure of ancient Roman coins

(ORDO NEWS) — In the southern part of France, experts carried out excavations and found the ruins of a fairly large building. In one of the walls of the building, experts discovered a real treasure, represented by a pot of ancient Roman coins. Archaeologists said that 20 denarii were hidden there.

Reported by The History Blog.

The city where the research is carried out is quite old. It was founded in the 2nd century BC. After some time, it was divided into an upper and a lower city, and the borders were marked with the help of a huge forum with two porticos.

Several public buildings were also erected. In the 2nd century, the city was swallowed up by a larger neighbor, but after literally 100 years the territories were abandoned. The construction of a modern city on this site began only in the 11th century.

This time, experts were excavating near the lower fence of the city, which, presumably, was erected in 100 BC. Experts managed to find the first protective moat on this site, as well as a building that was built for an incomprehensible purpose in the 1st century AD.

Further excavations have shown that it was erected on the site of older buildings. The building had three wings, which were located around a large central courtyard. The entrance to some of the rooms was made directly from the courtyard, while other rooms were at some distance.

In one of the walls, archaeologists found a neat ceramic vessel containing 20 denarii used by the ancient Romans. The treasure surprised many, because before the experts had never found such artifacts in the walls.


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