July 2021 is recognized as the hottest in the history of meteorological observations

(ORDO NEWS) — American experts said that the last temperature record was broken this summer. At the same time, the gap is quite insignificant, but still it was recorded and amounted to only 0.01 degrees. This gap was enough for the amount of ice in the Arctic to significantly decrease.

This year, the average temperature not only on the surface of the ocean, but also on land in July was higher by 1.67 degrees, when compared with the indicators that were recorded by specialists in the last century.

Then, on average, the temperature was kept within 15.8 degrees. It is worth noting that the previous record was set back in 2016, and then the situation repeated itself twice in a row – in 2019 and 2020. Such results were reported by NOAA, a special organization that deals with oceanic as well as atmospheric research.

NOAA spokesman Rick Spinrad noted that July has broken all possible records this year. It was previously considered the hottest month, but the new indicators negatively affect the climate and lead to the destruction of the environment.

In Europe, July in 2021 became for the second time the hottest month ever since the experts were conducting meteorological observations. The record was first set in 2018. In the southern part of the continent, then the air temperature reached 40 degrees.

It is worth noting that in recent years, the amount of ice in the Arctic has decreased by almost 17% when compared with the value recorded in 1981-2010.


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