Suicide Rate Increases Since Coronavirus Pandemic In Japan

(ORDO NEWS) — Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, suicide rates have increased significantly in Japan. At the very beginning, experts warned that, due to economic constraints, very serious consequences could arise that would have an extremely negative effect on people’s mental health.

The American Medical Association published an article in early April stating that social distancing could significantly increase the risk of increased suicide rates. Seven months later, it turned out that the research that scientists then conducted turned out to be correct.

In Japan, far more people are now dying from suicide than from the coronavirus. At the same time, the country coped with the disease better than anyone else and kept the minimum mortality rate. At the same time, statistics show that in October the number of suicides increased to 2153. This increase has been observed for four months.

For a long time, mortality due to suicide in Japan has been declining all the time. But after the coronavirus began and strict rules were introduced, the situation changed completely. Over the past month, 600 more people died than in the entire last year.

Katsunobu Kato, the representative of Japan, said something must be done about this. At the moment, potential victims are being consulted.

In the United States, unlike in Japan, there has not yet been published data on deaths from suicide. According to unofficial data, it becomes clear that the situation is also not entirely cheerful. It is worth noting that in America every year from 42 to 49 thousand people die from suicide. Although it is not yet known how many victims were in 2020, many Americans said that they were mentally affected by the pandemic.


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