An asteroid may fall on America in December: a dangerous date announced

(ORDO NEWS) — December for humanity can become a real nightmare, because an asteroid is approaching the Earth. The body is quite large, so serious damage is possible. Astrologer Vlad Ross told about what awaits humanity.

This year, according to the man, can be safely called the year of asteroids. In April, a body flew up to our globe, like Everest in size, and in November, a smaller asteroid approached – with dimensions like a refrigerator. Of course, the second object could not in any way affect the lives of people.

The real danger already lies in wait for humanity. It will arise in the area of ​​”five twos” – at the time when Jupiter and Saturn will merge in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign of cataclysms and destruction.

The dangerous date is December 22. It is on this day that one should expect the approach of the body, which will fly up from the direction of the Sun. Because of this directionality, astronomers are unlikely to see the asteroid. There is a considerable risk that the fall will happen to America, the mainland will suffer major changes.

The situation will begin to heat up after the solar eclipse, which will occur on December 14. Apocalyptic events should not be ruled out, especially since some of them are already taking place. It is better to worry about your future in advance, to stock up on resources.

The astrologer advised in the last month of this year to keep clear of the Atlantic Ocean. This is due to the same asteroid. It can collapse right into the abyss, a huge tsunami is formed.


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